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The entire content of this site – design, text, photographs and cartography - is the property of publishing house Iskartour and is protected by the Bulgarian Copyright Law and by the international copyright laws. You have the right to use the services and the products from the site in the way they are offered for use. You are not authorised to copy any pages, data, software, lists or other information from this site other than in the offered way.

You have the right to copy and/or print only the image visible on your monitor and to use it for personal purposes. You are not authorised to use the site for commercial purposes in any form and/or to integrate it in any multimedia form, published edition, online service or any other form without the explicit written permission from Iskar Tour, detailed in a contract and signed by us.

You are prohibited from unauthorised access to the site and from any attempts to obtain such access.

You have no right to sell, resell, give as a gift or distribute in any form the data purchased from Iskartour to third parties, unless this has been explicitly mentioned in a signed by us contract.

You have the right to save links to on your browser.

The maps on this site are prepared thanks to map materials and data property of Iskartour. The content of this site is protected by the Copyright Law and the related to it other laws.

Iskartour holds the right to change and update the information on the maps. We do not provide a guarantee for the precision and completeness of the registers and the map material.

All details of the maps on this site are provided only for comparison and orientation in the region! It is the customers’ full responsibility and risk should the maps are used for purposes different than the ones stated above!

Any attempts for downloading the directories and/or the maps are prohibited and will be prosecuted until depletion of all legal resources.

The General Bulgarian Civil Legislation is applied.

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interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

print edition 

Rila northwest map

print edition 

map Pirin north 25000

print edition 

map Pirin southern

print edition 

map ''Central and eastern Rila''

print edition 

map Vitosha & Verila 25000